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E-Campaign Tracker

Your email campaign can teach you a lot. Analytics are always a good way to understand how well the campaign has worked, has it been reaching the right people, and has it been able to elicit the response you are expecting.

Understanding this goes a long way in aligning your campaign to your marketing goals, and improving each time you send across a new set.

The e-campaign tracker we have uses a lot of data collected when the campaign goes live. We incorporate in-house technologies which are able to track the path the emails take. From delivery reports to website activity, the tracker gives you on the go data which is then collated and turned into bits of knowledge. This transfer of knowledge is what makes the difference. Immense amounts of data can be twisted and aligned to coincide with your goals. At Prospects Outreach, our data analysis is the real deal, and we say it as it is. This can go a long way in correcting errors, and improving campaigns.

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